8 Reasons to visit Kanazawa, one of Japan’s hidden gems

Kanazawa is located in the Hokuriku region of Honshu island of Japan. This unexplored city is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This city will make you fall in love with its people, food and culture. Kanazawa is like a Kohinoor in the jewels of Japan’s tourism. Here, we provide you with 8 reasons to visit Kanazawa which will be good enough to convince you to visit there at least once in your lifetime.

8 Reasons to visit Kanazawa, one of Japan's hidden gems
8 Reasons to visit Kanazawa, one of Japan’s hidden gems

  • Rich History

The word Kanazawa means “marsh of gold”. It is believed that the legend of peasant Imohori Togoro was digging for potatoes when flakes of gold were found. In 1580, the peasant’s kingdom was overthrown by Oda Nobunaga and later he was displaced by Maeda Toshii who continued to rule from Kanazawa castle. If you are a history enthusiast, you would definitely love to see these castles and other related historical places.

  • Temples

This city is a hub of beautiful temples and shrines. Ozaki shrine is one of the most famous shrines of Japan. It may be small but the structure & the ornate details make it worthy enough to visit it. Ever thought what it’s like to be a Ninja! If you really want to know, do visit the Ninja Temple, explore the hidden traps, secret pathways and get to know about Ninja life.

  • Crafts

The city of Kanazawa is famous for its traditional crafts. You can buy crafts like Gold leaf, Kaga Yuzen, Kaga Nui embroidery, Kutani Porcelain, Ohi ware, Kanazawa shikki, Kaga Zogan Inlay, Kaga Mizuhiki, Kanazaga wagasa umbrella, Futamata Japanese paper, Paulownia Handicrafts, Kaga dolls and fishing flies.

  • Kenrokuen Garden

One of the three great gardens of Japan, it was built outside Kanazawa Castle. The word “Kenrokuen” means six sublimities which include seclusion, antiquity, spaciousness, abundant water, artificiality and broad views. The beauty of this garden will leave you mesmerised.

8 Reasons to visit Kanazawa, one of Japan's hidden gems
8 Reasons to visit Kanazawa, one of Japan’s hidden gems
  • Samurai Districts

These are the areas which once used to belong to the Samurais and their families. Now you can enjoy these tourist stop-offs and the three houses to look out for include Nomura House, Kaga Hanshi and Ashigaru Shiryokan. Wandering and exploring these houses with their gardens can be fascinating enough for you to come back here again.

  • Museums

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art offers some of the splendour artworks done by artists from both Japan and other foreign countries. Other museums include Honda Forest, Ishikawa Prefectural Museum, Morihachi Sweets Shop and Wooden Mold museum, Kanazawa Museum of Modern Literature that showcase contemporary exhibits and fine art.

  • Festivals

Asanogawa Riverside Garden Party is held in April along Asano river banks and is about traditional displays and mesmerising performances of singing and dancing. Hyakuman Goku festival is celebrated in June for the entry of Lord Maeda Toshiie into Kanazawa festival. It’s a three-day festival. Parades, folk dancing competitions, public tea ceremony and children’s lantern parade are organised. The festive vibes and the people dressed up in traditional clothes will energise your soul.

  • Food, Drinks & Nightlife

Have you ever eaten gold? If not, then do it now! Kanazawa is well known for gold production and many restaurants offers food with real gold leaf topping. Another dish to try is Jibuni made of duck. Make sure to try Wagashi sweets found in 300 years old Omicho market. One must experience Kanazawa’s nightlife and have some drinks. Sake is most loved drink by the locals.

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