Best Scenic Bus Rides You Should Experience in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a country located in Asia known for its architecture, market and for its offering of the urban experience. Thousands of tourists visit Hong Kong every year. This tourist-friendly country along with other facilities and experiences offers a convenient means of transportation – Double Decker Buses!!

Best Scenic Bus Rides You Should Experience in Hong Kong
Best Scenic Bus Rides You Should Experience in Hong Kong

The bus services in Hong Kong are very convenient, taking you everywhere in the country, right from the urban dwellings to the breath-taking coastline and the much quieter regions. The ride is air-conditioned, clean and has comfortable seats. The ticket is affordable, obviously, it depends on the distance. The price generally ranges from $9 to $35.

Fun Fact: Unlike most countries, bus services in Hong Kong are owned and run by 5 private companies and not the Government.

The bus services are not just mere convenient means of transportation, these buses can be used to tour and enjoy the scenic views in Hong Kong. Here are the best scenic bus rides in Hong Kong –

Best Scenic Bus Rides You Should Experience in Hong Kong
Best Scenic Bus Rides You Should Experience in Hong Kong
  1. Victoria Harbor – Sit on the to the front deck of buses A10, A11, A12, and A22 starting from the Airport to enjoy the view of the Victoria Harbor, the container terminals, the mountains, and the skyline of the skyscrapers. The buses make use of both, Tsing Ma Bridge and Stonecutters Bridge, & thus, the rides are extremely beautiful. So hop on these buses and enjoy the urban architecture of Hong Kong.
  2. Victoria Peak – There are many ways to reach this destination. Many actually prefer the Peak tram, but a more scenic and cheaper option is taking the 15 number bus. The ride is like cruising through an amusement park. As you start climbing the mountainous terrain, you first can enjoy the skyscraper outline of the country and then the lush green nature.
  3. Journey to Stanley – Stanley is known to be a very scenic territory in Hong Kong, but the bus route to it is equally scenic. The bus you can take depends on your boarding point. Like take 14 number bus if you are coming from Eastern Hong Kong, and on the route, you will see the Tai Tam Tum Reservoir Dam. If you are coming from Central, take the 6 number bus and you will enjoy the views offered by the Repulse Bay – golden beaches and the clear South China Sea.
  4. Sai Kung – The Sai Kung Country Park is a place in Hong Kong which hasn’t been touched by urbanization and thus one can enjoy nature at its finest. To reach here you need to take 92 number bus from Diamond Hill MTR station. Get down at Sai Kung Town Center and either trek or take 94 number bus which will take you to Sai Kung Country Park. (Fun Fact: Sai Kung Town Center is known for serving the best freshwater seafood.)
  5. Island Eastern Corridor – This is an expressway that connects the residential areas located in the east to the commercial areas of the Causeway Bay. The view of the city along with the busy harbour is breathtaking. To enjoy this view, hop onto buses numbered – 720, 780, 788 and 789. The speciality of these buses is that they are restricted to the Central and the Eastern residential areas, and thus, one stays closer to the scenic views. It takes about half a day to explore this area.

I hope this article was useful. Happy travelling!

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