Cebu Pacific Halal Food & Why It’s Friendly for EVERYONE

Not everyone has the same taste preferences. Catering to all the food habits is not an easy task and yet, Cebu Pacific Airlines seem to have accomplished this task with meticulous care. With its partnership with Miascor Catering, the airline has brought together a brand-new menu with various food choices that the passengers can order even before their journey has begun. Here are some reasons why Cebu Pacific Halal Food is a friendly meal for everyone that respects almost all the food choices.

Cebu Pacific Halal Food & Why It's Friendly for EVERYONE
Cebu Pacific Halal Food & Why It’s Friendly for EVERYONE

It’s Halal

It becomes really difficult for Muslims to ensure that they are eating Halal food or not while eating out. Cebu Pacific has come up with Halal-cut meals to cater to the religious sentiments of its passengers. Adhering to the Islamic Law, which considers only halal cut meal as permissible, such a move shows a big step in accommodating this. Cebu Pacific Halal food products are freshly served with meat that strictly follows these principles, from a catering service that specialises in Halal cuisines.

Nutrition and Diet

With more number of people concerned about their calorie intake, the meals provided by Cebu Pacific now come with nutritional and product information that allows its passengers to check through the particulars before consuming their meal. This brings an increased sense of responsibility amongst the airlines to take into consideration the everyday concerns of their customers. Promoting health consciousness, these meals help keep the passengers aware of what goes into their food.

Pre-Ordered Meals

For passengers who are anxious about what kind of meals would be provided by the Airline, this option is a huge sigh of relief. Meals can be pre-ordered up to 24 hours before the journey to be assured about the food you would be eating in flight. The ordering limit is set at two meals for short-haul flights and at four for long-haul flights. This comes with some advantages of its own. Upon pre-ordering, the passenger is given a free drink for short-haul flights and a free dessert for long-haul flights. Passengers are always free to buy other additional snacks or drinks with or without pre-ordering the meals.

Cebu Pacific Halal Food & Why It's Friendly for EVERYONE
Cebu Pacific Halal Food & Why It’s Friendly for EVERYONE

Certified for Health

It is quite obvious for today’s well-informed travellers to be particular about the quality standards of food eaten on the go. To ensure that their passengers are in safe hands, the meals provided at Cebu Pacific Airline strictly stick to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles which were originally created for the food for astronauts. This makes sure that the food you eat is safe and will not result in any repercussions.

Vivid Variety

The meals at Cebu Pacific Airlines are not just restricted to one continent or cuisine. Here, the passengers are provided with meals ranging from rice varieties, pasta, noodles and sandwiches, for vegans & vegetarians too along with the halal varieties for the non-vegetarian preferences. With a menu that has an assortment of both sweet and savoury, the meals ensure that the passenger does not have to compromise their choices and have an amazingly satisfying meal.

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