Lech Zürs am Arlberg: 7 Fun & Exciting Things to Do in Summer

Lech Zürs am Arlberg is a beautiful village located on a mountainous terrain of Austria. It is well known for its ski resort. The region itself is known for skiing – both on piste and off-piste. It has produced many fine skiers. It is also the favourite holiday destination for many Royal families and celebrities like Tom Cruise!!!

Lech Zürs am Arlberg: 7 Fun & Exciting Things to Do in Summer
Lech Zürs am Arlberg: 7 Fun & Exciting Things to Do in Summer

It’s not just winters that attract tourists to this place. Even though one may not be able to enjoy the skiing activity, there is a lot of interesting activities one can do. The summers here start from the month of June and last up to October. Here are the 7 fun and exciting things to do in summer at Lech Zürs am Alberg –

(1) Hiking: With the snow almost gone and the temperature raised to 20 degrees C, it is the perfect weather conditions to go for a hike. As a matter of fact, it has very well known trails like the Lechweg, or Lech River trail which was rewarded as the Leading Quality Trail of Europe. Many other trails like the Tannberg Trail can help one learn a lot more about the Walser communities in Lech. If you fancy adventure to the unknown then Green Ring Trail is ideal for you as it is full of undiscovered and hidden lakes.

(2) Explore the most beautiful places of Austria: Nine Places, Nine treasures is a show that has labelled Lake Formarin in 2015 and Lake Körbersee in 2017 as the most beautiful places in Austria. Both these places are homes to many species of fishes, are a good place to hike and are very photogenic.

(3) World Gourmet Village: This village has been labelled as the World Gourmet Village by
Vöslauer-Falstaff Awards in 2008 because it has the highest number of highly rated restaurants in the world. As a matter of fact, three of these restaurants has been recognized by Falstaff Restaurant Guide. So enjoy these delicious meals as much as you want!

Lech Zürs am Arlberg: 7 Fun & Exciting Things to Do in Summer
Lech Zürs am Arlberg: 7 Fun & Exciting Things to Do in Summer

(4) Vintage Car Ride to the Alps: The best way to enjoy this is by joining the Arlberg Classic Car Rally. It is a three-day event, having 20 stages and 600 kilometres with the destination being Switzerland. It is an exciting event, especially for vintage car lovers.

(5) Lech Classic Music Festival: is an international music event that has provided aspiring, young musicians a platform to perform. It generally starts in July end and lasts for a couple of days, organised in the form of numerous galas. It is worth your time!

(6) Skyspace Lech: This is a brainchild of artist James Turrell. It is a walk in Lightroom that helps you experience the sky and the earth meeting by manipulating the light, space and time. One of the main attractions is lying on the ground and looking at the sky like a painting. This is a must-visit for art lovers and nature enthusiasts.

(7) Golf: Skiing is not the only sports played here. Golf Course Lech Zug is a huge golf course, which is open for all types of golf players – from beginners to experts. They organize classes and thus you can learn how to play golf. They also organize Arlberg Classic Golf Cup, entry for which is open to everyone – locals, guests, visitors etc.

I hope this article was helpful. Happy traveling!

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