Top 10 Food Destinations in the Philippines for Travellers

The Philippines is almost every travelling foodie’s dream destination. With varied cuisines and catering to different taste buds, the dreams really come true here. Today we are sharing Top 10 food destinations in the Philippines you must visit if food is your passion.

Top 10 Food Destinations in the Philippines for Travellers
Top 10 Food Destinations in the Philippines for Travellers

1. Iloilo

With traditional dishes recognized all around the country, the food at Iloilo still claims a different kind of culinary heritage. Grilled or steamed seafood served right beside the shores is the biggest attraction here.

2. Pampanga

Considered the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga is located in central Luzon region and is famous for its delicacies like sisig and morcon. Some dishes that may seem strange to foreigners, but they really are must-haves including Betute tugak or frog with stuffings.

3. Bacolod City

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to be. With a wide range of pastries and desserts, Bacolod also has some of the most mouth-watering organic dishes and seafood items. Piaya and Lumpiang Ubod are other delicacies that one must try here.

4. Sagada

To buy organic and fresh vegetables, Sagada in Cordillera is a wise choice. It provides with a range of cheap but healthy vegetables that can be cooked by yourself or by your host, helping you get a natural taste of Philippine food.

5. Palawan Island

With some of the most luxurious resorts in the Philippines, Palawan offers some of the best fruit and seafood choices. With a sublime and serene scenery to accompany these meals, Tamilok is one of the must-try dishes offered by this beachside destination.

Top 10 Food Destinations in the Philippines for Travellers
Top 10 Food Destinations in the Philippines for Travellers

6. Vigan

With bagnets and empanadas topping the list of what a foodie traveller must have here, to experience the assorted delicacies of Vigan. You must visit the town hall. It has a varied number of stalls from where you can try out some of the best dishes of the place.

7. Cagayan de Oro

This city houses some of the best-loved dishes of the Philippines like pastel or a velvety bun freshly baked and fried proben sold in the food-loving streets of Divisoria Night Market. The best thing about this food destination is that it caters to every economic group, right from the street food outlets to fine dining experiences.

8. Bicol Region

If you are a foodie who loves adventure, this place in Southern Luzon is just perfect for you. With nature’s adventures and scenic spots, the region also has in store amazing recipes for those whose food is passion. The Bicol Express and Laing are two of the best local dishes. A cup of joe from Bicol is something every coffee lover will cherish.

9. Cebu

Pork, cooked crunchy and tender, can best be experienced at Cebu, the Lechon Capital of the World. Lechon is a world-famous pork dish that is imperative in all Filipino celebrations. Dried mango is another souvenir from Cebu, a delicacy that the place prides itself on.

10. Jollibee

Jollibee is one of the most widespread fast food chains in the Philippines and a traveller cannot help but visit one of these. With nine hundred plus stores, it serves some iconic recipes like Chicken Joy or chicken fry and a pie made from peach and mango.

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